Laser Tattoo Removal Testimonials

“They  told me I was lucky – 3 sessions and I was done!  They told me on average it takes 6 to 12 treatments, sometimes more, sometimes less.  But now I am totally psyched with the results of getting rid of my boyfriend’s name on my back!”  

Cindy R.

“I love tattoos so much that I ran out of room on my arms – so I needed to create some space – which is what I exactly did. The laser is not bad at all – about the same as getting a tattoo, but I am so use to it – it really was a breeze for me. But it does take a few times zapping it, especially if a pro put it there. Can’t wait to re-ink the area now that I have the room!”

Jon D.

“LaserYourTat and the staff, and technology are second to none – go, you will NOT be disppointed!” 

Tina T.

“Got rid of my ring finger tattoo in 2 sessions. Yay!”  

Vanessa G.

“LaserYourTat did a fabulous job on erasing the tattoo on my arm.  Getting my tattoo was a foolish thing to do, but thanks to the staff and their great laser, I nor anyone else has to look at it!”   

Steve T.

“I had the barb-wire tat around my arm and it was a bit much after I had my first kid – so I went to LaserYourTat for a consultation. They were caring and generous with their time and made me feel completely at ease, even during my treatment.  I needed 6 sessions and am VERY satisfied with the results – they said I could have more sessions if I wanted to further erase it, but the laser did such a great job I am going to wait a few more months – have no hesitations!”

Amanda S.

“I was tired of a cute little bear on my butt I had since a teenager so I had it lasered – I put NumbMD numbing cream on it a few hours before – the laser felt like a rubber band snapping, some areas did not hurt at all.  Great results.  I’m thinking about doing my ankle next because my husband hates it.  Highly recommended LaserYourTat and the courteous staff.”  

Lisa N.

“They say a tattoo is forever, but not anymore – I went to LaserYourTat in Hoboken and they gave me a thorough consultation  and performed the treatment the next week without any problems – and with hardly any discomfort!  They instructed me to apply a numbing gel 2 hours before my treatment and I hardly felt anything.  I will probably need a few more sessions, but the results have been tremendous thus far” 

Kathy K.

“I had my fiance’s name tattooed on my shoulder and we broke up – I went back to my tat artist who camoflouged her name – it looked like a mess!  So I needed to start from scratch and that is when I went to LaserYourTat in Hoboken.  They are so knowledgeable and experts with lasers – you can hardly notice the tat at all anymore.  And i can tell you that it hurt a lot more getting the tattoo than having it lasered.  Thanks LaserYourTat!” 

Tom S.

“Procedure took only 10 minutes – thank God because I was going to a place in NYC where a nurse did the procedure and it hurt like hell!  The laser at this place is great – fast and efficient, no complaints at all.”  

Tim J.