• “ The LaserYourTat laser is one of the most powerful lasers to remove tattoos in the world. This technology has been fine-tuned over many years to provide superior results. What this means is that there are fewer treatments and great results for our LaserYourTat customers.”


  • ” The number of treatments depends on the size, color, density, and location of the tattoo. In general, it can take as few as two or three treatments. Average number of sessions is approximately 6 to 12.”


  • ” A lot of people ask if the treatment will hurt. The customers usually do feel the treatments; however, the LaserYourTat session is over quite quickly. You have the option of putting some numbing gel on prior to your treatment if you wish.”


  • ”LaserYourTat after care directions: It is recommended to use an intense moisturizer like Aquaphor and keep the area bandaged with a sterile dressing. Reapply and change the dressing twice a day for several days after the treatment until the skin is fully healed. You should wash the area with a gentle cleanser like Neutrogena soap or dove soap. DO NOT use alcohol or peroxide on the area as this cause scarring.


  • ” Time between laser sessions: it is recommended to wait about 3 to 6 weeks between the LaserYourTat sessions. This will allow for enough time for the tattoo to fade and for the skin to be ready for the next treatment.”